On the 11th of November, 2004 the Gratitude Fund organized a Reunion of Soviet Dissidents and friends in New York. The Reunion was held at the American Jewish Committee Center, in Manhattan - one more evidence  of the strong links between the Jewish and the Soviet Dissident communities - and was attended by many prominent members of the Soviet Dissident movement, their families and friends. It was a happy, warm occasion, with plenty of food and drink, whose only sad moment was when the President of the Gratitude Fund, Yuri Fedorov, and Julia Zaks read the long list of our fallen comrades. Not an eye remained dry in the room. May the memory of our heros live forever.

         On a much happier note, we had the opportunity to honor and celebrate the life and magnificent achievements of our dear friends Alexander Yessenin-Volpin and Yuri Orlov. Both were present to receive their accolades and to hear the glowing praise of Vladimir Bukovsky, Eduard Kuznetsov,  Yuri Yarim-Agaev.

         And, to remind us all that the struggle for Human Rights never ends, Tatiana Yankelevich read a letter by Elena Boner, her mother, calling our attention to the increasingly worsening conditions of Human Rights, in Russia.


Photographs of the Reunion 2004
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Articles on the Reunion 2004


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Message by Natan (Anatoly) Sharansky




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